Crèche fees in Zurich Altstetten

We offer private and subsidised daycare places. The costs of private daycare places are covered by parental contributions.

Prices for private payers (unsubsidised parents who pay themselves) are as follows (CHF per month):


Full day

Half day without

Half day with

Full day baby


CHF 966

CHF 496

CHF 688

CHF 1,291


CHF 1,449

CHF 744

CHF 1,032

CHF 1,902


CHF 1,932

CHF 992

CHF 1,376

CHF 2,490


CHF 2,415

CHF 1,240

CHF 1,720

CHF 3,113

Price per day: CHF 121 per day
Half day without lunch CHF 62
Half day with lunch CHF 86
Day price (baby): CHF 156 to 162 per day

Contribution calculator

You can calculate your contribution online in a few easy steps here:

Apply for subsidies

For a subsidised place, you need:
1. A valid contribution confirmation
2. Confirmation of subsidised scope of care (Subventionsberechtigter Betreuungsumfang, SBU)

Click here to follow the process.

Subsidised crèche places

The city of Zurich supports childcare through measures such as subsidised crèche places. Parental contributions for a subsidised place are dependent on income and calculated individually.

Click here for childcare costs:

Information leaflet

If you wish to view the ‘Subsidised Scope of Care (SBU)’ information leaflet (PDF, 7 pages):