Our crèche concept

The aim of GFKB crèches is to give children a place where they feel safe and comfortable. They are open to all children, irrespective of why their parents want to bring them to crèche.

The child

Our focus is on children’s wellbeing and we treat every child as an individual. We don’t control or shape the child. Instead, we are by their side. We allow the child to have their own experiences and encourage their own decision-making where we can responsibly do so.

We see ourselves as an educational institution giving children the opportunity to expand their knowledge and their social and interpersonal skills alike. Small children develop their ability to think through actions based on their interests. Early years education takes place when the children interact with their social and physical environment. In that sense, education is equivalent to self-education. We see integration and inclusion as part and parcel of our duty in society. We care for all children in our crèche, from every cultural and social background. We also care for children with special needs.

The parents

The hallmarks of our partnership with parents are regular communication and mutual respect and esteem. We take a tolerant, non-judgemental approach to different family constellations and their different ways of life.

The team

To us, teamwork means using our individual talents to achieve common goals. We are aware that we are role models and treat each other with respect. We communicate in an open, honest, respectful and transparent manner. We support each other and learn from each other. We facilitate good working conditions and promote a positive working environment.

The groups

The Kinderplanet crèche has 25 places, including
six places for infants (up to 18 months), which are weighted as 1.5 places. Children are cared for in two mixed-age groups.

The induction period

Each individual child needs an induction period to prepare them for this time. This usually takes place every day for four weeks without interruptions. The costs of the first two weeks will be covered by the crèche. The parents will cover the costs for the rest of the induction period.

Food and nutrition

A healthy, balanced diet is a key component in early years development. We prioritise healthy eating and follow the recommendations of the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE). At our mealtimes, we provide seasonal fruit and vegetables, which are served several times a day and are sourced directly from local farms where possible. For our meat-based dishes, we buy our meat from a certified butcher from the local area (95% Swiss meat). Meals are freshly prepared each day by our chef. We do not force children to eat.

Core hours/opening times

The crèche is open from Monday to Friday
from 7 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

The crèche is closed on public holidays (Good Friday, Easter Monday, 1 May, Whit Monday, 1 August, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day) and on twelve days of institutional holiday per year.

Our 2020 institutional holidays are as follows:

3 January 2020 (= 1 day), 21 May–22 May 2020 (= 1 day), 3 August–7 August 2020 (= 5 days),

24 + 28 –31 December 2020 (= 5 days).


Monday to Friday


7 a.m.

Crèche opens

7 a.m.–9 a.m.

Children are brought to the crèche

8 a.m.–8.30 a.m.

Breakfast for children in attendance

9 a.m.–9.15 a.m.Welcome ritual
9.15 a.m.–10.50 a.m.Interest-related activities, walk
11.15 a.m.Lunch, then brushing teeth.
12 noon–2 p.m.Afternoon nap time for all children

1.45 p.m.

Children can be brought in or picked up.

2 p.m.–4 p.m.Walks or outdoor play, afternoon snack
4 p.m.–5.45 p.m.Free play indoors or outdoors, fruit time
4 p.m.–5.45 p.m.Children can be picked up
6.30 p.m.Crèche closes